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Four decades of concrete and cement finishing serving Western Montana

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Flagstone (stamped & colored)


Slate (stamped & colored

Virtually any combination of color, stamping, etching, or forming can be tailored to a customer's needs.


Chip (colored)

Stone block


        We are based in the Flathead Valley in Polson, Montana, with four decades of experience in the most challenging construction terrain and climate in the lower 48.  We provide high quality, affordable, concrete construction and cement finishing.  A Montana corporation, Whealon Construction Specialties, Inc., has been serving a lifetime of customers, large and small with all their concrete and cement finishing needs.  We do everything concrete, large or small, including: basements, curbs and sidewalks, flatwork, footings, foundations, slabs, and all kinds of verticle support structures for erosion control and other purposes subject to extreme weather and freezing cycles. 

     Whealon Concrete Montana also provides decorative finishing including, but not limited to: coloring, high gloss, staining, stamping with custom patterns (such as slate, flagstone or stone block) and all desired concrete texturing.  From the smallest sidewalk to major commercial buildings we are a full-service concrete flatwork and professional cement finishing company.   

     Whealon Concrete Montana treatments add attractive, custom looks that are permanent and maintenance free  ranging from colored and stained floors to textured surfaces. Etched or stamped concrete provides highly artistic finishes at substantial savings including the look of expensive Italian slate, stone block, or virtually any other customer preference for a permanent, hard surface finish. 

     Concrete can be beautiful, as well as strong and permanent, adding significant value to your property.  See our sample projects page for examples of what can be done with concrete.


Sample projects

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